Welcome to visiting British Columbia.

My name is Rachel Barker and I live in the south of England. In the year 2000 I took my 72 year old mother on holiday to Canada. She had been once before with her husband on an organised coach tour. We have some elderly distant relations that live in Canada and my parents had hoped to catch up with them during their tour. They couldn’t find them in the phone book and the opportunity was lost. The reason they could not be found in the phone book becomes clear when you read our journals!

My mother had enjoyed the trip so much that she wanted me to experience some of the sights and wonders that she and Dad had.

With this in mind I decided to do some research and I organised a trip that would include some of the places she had visited on the tour. Making our own plans and organising our own accomodation and transport allowed us to be much more flexible on our trip. We allowed a few days so we could stay with our relatives. Unfortunately my father couldn’t come as he had a farm and haulage business to run. (I had done this when they had both visited Canada together. To this day I clearly remembering delivering 2 sets of twin calves just in the fortnight that they were away!)

This site has taken me over eight years to get together. Photographs were never put in albums which is just as well now because that has meant it has been easier to scan them for this site! I always seemed too busy and although we had both written journals by hand of our time in Canada, they were just left in boxes.

My mother and father are still alive but unfortunately Mum, at the age of 80 had to go into a nursing home as she has vascular dementia and although Dad has been her main carer for over 5 years this has caused him to become ill himself. However Mum is in the best  possible home and she lives for the moment. I hope I can get this site up and running with both her journal and photographs so that she can enjoy reading and looking at them again. It will make me feel good and will be a memory of some very good times.

Another reason behind creating this site is to share with you the beauty and wonderful surroundings of British Columbia. It is truly an amazing place and the awe of certain places is still with me today.

I hope you find British Columbia as much fun as we did through the pages of our site.

Our trip took us not only into British Columbia but also into the equally stunning providence of Alberta. To follow our journey  visit Alberta.