Saturday 5th August 2000

I had agood night. We went down for breakfast, just cereal, toast and coffee. We packed our cases and tidied our room, took the cases to the car and paid our account. I went to the gift shop and bought soft toys for both Becky and Hannah- little animals with Mounty hats on which I am sure they will love.

We then started on the long journey to Jasper, first taking the Trans Canadian Highway, then on to the road to Jasper. This road was direct to Jasper following the Thompson River. This took us through forests with hardly any built up areas, but with parking for places of interest. We stopped at  Thunder River and had our lunch and then walked to the river. It did indeed sound like thunder as it rushed over the rocks.

On we went, eventually crossing over the border to Alberta where we stopped at the boundary post. As we were tourists we were asked to pay a fee of $75 which also gave us several vouchers for admittance to National Parks in Alberta. We soon passed Mount Robson, the highest mountain in the Rockies, which was awe inspiring. Another 66 km to reach Jasper and luckily we soon found our hotel, this was splendid, included a tv and many amenities with swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna. Had a lovely dinner. We rested after we had dinner and Rachel was tired as she had driven all those kilometetres and was tired.

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