Friday 4th August 2000

Today is the Queen Mother’s 100th birthday. We were so pleased that so much was reported in the Canadian press and tv.

We faced a long journey today from Whistler and staying one night at Kamloops and on to Jasper tomorrow- another long journey. After packing and putting our luggage in the car we settled our account with Crystal Lodge and set off at 9.30am.

We reached Pemberton and Rachel bought petrol. The drive was lovely with mountains and rivers close by. Our first stop was at Joffree, a parking area recommended by a highway notice. A ranger came to us and suggested we go to the lower lake , so we walked through the pine forest, very peaceful, sun shining through the trees reaching up to the heavens and you think that peace is in the world. We came to the lake, placid in the sun and looking up to the mountains, which seemed so close , covered in snow. We sat on a log drinking in the beauty.

We carried on, the road narrow and twisting ever rising and looking down on fast flowing rivers. We parked again  and saw a lake full of logs at one end bringing back memories of the lumber jacks. From then on we came out of the valleys and drove on a highway to Lillioet, finding the terrain flat, arid and plenty of sage bush everywhere. One thing I noticed was a field growing  ginseng.

We reached Lilloet, only stopping for a drink and a little shopping. Drove onto Kamloops, an industrial town. Rachel stopped and got directions for the South Thompson Inn and Guest Ranch. It was wonderful, situated on the banks of the Thompson River. The decor was beautiful and the scenery more gentle. Rachel was very excited by all of this especially the stables and horses. We had dinner and that was good too.