Thursday 3rd August 2000

Another lovely sunny day. We had breakfast in the hotel, a choice of two menus. I took the simple one but with the choice of about 5 items. Really enjoyed it  with lovely fruit to finish. Rachel had the cooked breakfast. We discussed the days itinerary and Rachel wanted to ride.

The ranch was at Pemberton Stables. She was able to book herself on the 1:00 clock ride. As we had time to spare we decided to retrace our journey to Nairn Waterfall which we had seen on the way up. We had a really lovely walk through woods bordering the Green River, rushing down the valley with foaming white rapids. We walked 1.5km in the shade of the trees and we reached the Falls, water rushing from quite a great height. We retraced our steps and drove into Pemberton where I decided I would stay while Rachel was riding.

Pemberton was a quiet little town of approx 5 little streets. Rachel had looked round with me and I decided I would go to the museum and also thought of having a massage. This satisfied Rachel and she left and would return and meet me outside the museum.

I really enjoyed the museum which consisted of several little wooden shacks built by first settlers in Canada. The items on show belonged to that age, farm and domestic equipment. Several things have been found in the river quite recently and I was surprised to see a wooden canoe which I could imagine went back to Red Indian Days.

The next thing I did was visit a masseurs and had a treatment. She did a lot of work on my knees and said the fall I had in July resulted in strained ligaments and she advised me to have more treatments when I returned. Time had gone quickly and I soon saw Rachel.

Back to Whistler where we had a  fruit juice and I put on more suitable shoes as we were going  to Whistler Mountain. A fabulous journey in a gondala right to the summit. Snow still on the peak. All around were mountains, one felt on top of the world. We walked on the footpath and saw a fresh footprint of a bear but that was all. We walked in some snow and I picked some up – freezing cold to the touch. We sat nearby looking at the wonder surrounding us – with the sun shining on us in contrast to the snow. A lovely end to a lovely day.