Tuesday 1st August 2000

A very busy day today. We had a reasonable night but awoke quite early. Rachel went shopping for breakfast and came back with milk and cereal and a carton of orange juice. Prior to that we had tea.

We decided to walk into town and do some shopping. I bought earrings and Rachel some gym shoes, Levis and a top. We walked to Coal Harbour , the sun shining and the sea blue. The harbour was full of lovely yachts, a glorious scene with the mountains in the background. I took quite a lot of film, it was quite a long walk, we came off the waterfront and walked to Canada House, a very imposing building with nearly all nations flags flying. The building is used for business conferences and social occasions. Again this building had totem poles in the hall.

I bought postcards and stamps so must get writing. On arriving at Rosedale, I bought fruit and pringles which we had for lunch. Rachel rang Tom it was 8.40pm in the UK and here it was 12.30pm. Tom was home, he was pleased to hear that everything was ok with us. Both Caroline and Con had rung to see if there had been any news from us. I also had a long talk with him. He sounded so close one wouldn’t believe that thousands of miles seperate us. Tom is playing golf with Roger at Goodwood today and they seem to be doing quite well which pleased me.

This afternoon Rachel and I drove to Grouse Mountain and we boarded the sky ride which took us up the mountain. From the top we then took the chair lift to the summit with wonderful views over the bay to the mountains as a lovely back drop. The mountain is 4100 feet high, covered in Douglas Firs. It was lovely and warm. We took photos and watched a show by two lumberjacks, introduced by a most attractive girl. The audience was divided  each to be loyal to one of the lumberjacks who proceeded to compete, throwing axes at a target while the girl judged. They also took two people from the audience to partner them in sawing a log. Finally they were on a log in a pond and they fought, music for the loggers was played. These were descriptive of typical lumberjacks who bought the logs down from mountains by river many years ago. It was good entertainment which was free to all those that were there.

Another free entertainment was a film show made on the mountain of an eagle flying free and the spirit of the age of man flying. This was also not charged -giving food for thought. We finished having a lovely meal at Prospect Point in Stanley Park. A lovely end to our stay in Vancouver.  Tomorrow we move on to Whistler Mountain andWhistler Village. Rachel has driven very well considering we drive on the right here.