About Us

Rachel and her 72 year old mother, Grace, planned a trip to the Rockies in the year 2000. Grace had visited Canada in 1993 with her husband Tom and their eldest daughter Carolines’ in-laws, Mary and Norman. They had toured with a coach and were restricted as to where they visited. Grace had wanted to visit some relatives of Tom’sĀ  motherĀ  who lived North of Edmonton. They are farmers known as Gladys and Harry. So Rachel got busy in January 2000 and planned a tour that would take in visiting some of the best parts of The Rockies and also included a visit to Gladys and Harry.

The trip was a wonderful experience for both mother and daughter and armed with photos and diaries they returned home with the aim to put together an album and scrap book as a memento of a fabulous holiday. However this never got done and photos and mementos got shoved under the bed “to deal with one day”

As Rachel became more au fait with creating websites she decided that she could create a site that would include both of the diaries and would be a place where photos and information could be shared. This started in 2008 when she had some time off from work. Hence the creation of visiting British Columbia.