Monday 31st July 2000

Got up at 5.00 to take the dogs for a walk to the harbour. Dad picked me up at 7.40am. Dad drove us to Gatwick Airport and the plane left at 1.00pm. Bought head set for $5.00. Watched 2 movies Mickey Blue Eyes and Erin Brokovich with Julia Roberts in. It was a big plane – seats were 2 4 2. Sat by the window. Lots of drinks and lovely foods. Flew into Edmonton to drop people off. Arrived at Vancouver airport about 3.35pm local time.

Found car rental place. Very frightening driving an automatic left hand drive – not having a clue where we were going! Found Downtown Vancouver very easily but could not find hotel. Went round and round for ages. Mum went and asked for directions and we eventually found it. So tired went straight to bed 7.40pm Canadian time. 3.40am English time. No wonder I was so tired!!

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